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写得匆忙,随时修改随时更正,先放一段导演访谈(源:Don’t believe
everything you hear about ‘Call Me by Your

Explore the homosexual pussyfooting in an enlightened environment from movie Call Me By Your Name

The caution and obscure between the 24-year-old man and the 17-year-old
boy is almost close to the traditional love, 7 year’s gap did disturb
their attitude towards the emotion. Age is an obstacle. But their beautiful friendship still
showed especial intercourse gestures. As their love heat up, I conclude
four kinds of senses to describe the process.

A. Implicit expression:

This kind of emotion began before Elio and Oliver confirmed their
relation, I called the process as tentative processes.In the tentative
processes, they always used some instruments or other media or even some
detailed actions to show a sense or a response. And I found 3 plots in
this movie, which can lead us to feel the ambiguity.

  1. Bronze Hand:

Before going to the seaside, Elio made Oliver angry deliberately. But
immediately, Elio actively withdrawed, then they made peace by shaking
bronze’s hand at the seaside — Oliver carried the bronze hand and Elio
fit in it.

In this plot, bronze hand was a media, or in other words, was a bridge.
Before confirmed the love, they were both too shy to touch each other’s
hands. That’s the magic of calf love, partial emotion made they be more

  1. Hexagram Necklace:

Elio wore the same necklace as Oliver’s, which hadn’t worn in a long
time after the relationship grew. People who are falling in love always
want to have more in common with those they like, so that they can
integrate into each other’s world. It’s like calling each other by their

  1. www68399com皇家赌场,Anxiety:

After the cold war ended with a note, Oliver’s note was rubbed on Elio’s
lips continually. In the long waiting, camera gave close-up shots of
watch twice, In first case, Elio carefully removed the watch and placed
it on the table before making out with Marzia in the attic. In second
case, after Elio playing the piano, he’s father gave the watch back to
him. Elio looked at the watch to see the time again and again, a total
of 7 times, showing a subtle impatience with the passage of time. Even
though Elio spent the afternoon making out with Marzia, he was
distracted by his frequent watch reading, as if he just pretended to
date her to suffer the long wait.

B. Over-Sensitivity

Loves make man over-sensitivity. Drown into the love river, just like
the earth spinning over lover. A rush, a glance, a touch, a dance, they
always like to guess the real meaning under the face, even although
there is nothing special.

  1. Before driving to the seaside, Elio used Chiara (a girl dancing with
    Oliver last night) to stimulate Oliver, saying “great body”. However,
    because Elio also secretly liked Elio, he was angry when Elio tried to
    set Chiara up with him. When they walked to the beach, Elio privately
    laughed because he was happy that Oliver was angry. Because that means
    Oliver cared about him. Tricks always are the approaches to express
    love, although Oliver was already 24 years old, he can’t help to be
    tricked by Elio. Passion makes man childish and over-sensitivity.

C. Sense of unstable:

Because same-sex love is so special, you have to be careful enough in
case of disturbing your partner when expressing it. And you will be
swayed by considerations of gain and loss after you own it. Because it
is so rare and precious that no one can bear what it looked like when it
died, and it is so beautiful that one cannot believe why it happened to

  1. When Elio first saw Oliver dancing with others, Elio rushed into the
    dance floor in silence and found another girl to dance crazily for the
    night. When Elio set the girl on fire, they took off their clothes by
    the river. But Elio finally chose to swim in the river. That’s not means
    Elio flinched, but means he was complaining in his young heart, he’s
    jealous. He wanted to revenge, but every time he got the chance he found
    that he was binded by fidelity.

  2. On the night before their departure, Elio saw Oliver and strange
    women dancing by the roadside. He crouched down and vomited violently.
    Vomiting is because the feeling of separation is coming right into your
    heart. It’s because you’re watching a loved one and a stranger dance
    happily. Moment you may realize that the person you love, after all,
    some parts are not belong to you, and he’ll be gone, so he has suddenly
    wanted to give the heart all out with the miserable feeling. Of course,
    Elio drank a lot of wine that night, and it may have been too much for
    him to vomit. But the real reason, we can never know.

D. Fiercely passion:

They were keeping pursuing a powerful way to experience love, they used
their passion as if the relationship was fleeting.

  1. Elio confessed when he had a bloody nose at lunch that day. The novel
    is written because Oliver was poking Elio’s feet with his foot. The
    reason for Elio’s nosebleeds is not clear, as it was not filmed under
    the table. However, it is precisely the director’s treatment that
    reminds us of more, to guess what filled in Elio’s heart and what made
    him so energetic.

  2. The Peach. Peach also becomes a verb after this movie. Because it
    shows the most daring and erotic scenes of the whole movie —— have sex
    with a peach.

After the sexual behavior, Elio lay on the sofa in attic, at the next
moment, Oliver came and found it. Then suddenly Elio started to cry.
First of all, I think it’s because of shame, like a child caught doing
something wrong. Oliver found that the tone of jokes made Elio think it
was teasing him. Meanwhile Elio always felt that oliver’s love was just
a concern for him. Then Oliver’s crazy performance immediately proved
how much he loved Elio, so I think it was shame and tears of joy. It is
the other person who is not related by blood who is so accepting of

I think Elio and Oliver’s story should be regarded as the closest
meta-text to the essence of love, rather than just as the representative
of another beautiful homosexual relationship. Meanwhile, there is a
passage in the novel where Elio asks himself: “Did I want to be like
him? Did I want to be him? Or did I just want to have him?” This
question applies to all types of love rather than only this one. It’s a
video for Oliver, because he had known what love is and in his rest
life, Elio may be his mind time to time. And it’s visions of Gideon for
Elio, because he suffered it and grown up, then they will never do

In Robert Sternberg’s opinion, love consists of three components: passion, intimacy, and commitment.

Among them, passion is the
emotional component of love, which refers to emotional obsession, mainly
including deep emotion and sexual desire. Intimacy is the motivation component
of love, which refers to the feeling of psychological liking, mainly
including the feeling of connection and affection. Commitment is the cognitive component
of love. It refers to the expectation, both mentally and verbally. It
mainly refers to the decision to establish a long-term relationship with
another person.

When we get the general background knowledge, we can look back to the
movie. We have to judge the love between Oliver and Elio. What I am sure
is their love is grasped all the quality that the traditional love
possesses. But the degree of the love is fiercer, which means their
happiness, their sadness, their fear will be enlarged. There is no
denying that they possessed the passion and the intimacy in love, such
as the vigorous bleed nose and the hormonal peach. But they lose an
important part, commitment, which made their love become romantic love.
Romantic love means don’t care about eternity, only care about the past.
Just like running in the summer heavy rain hand in hand, just feel the
cold on the skin, never care about the possible fever. But the little
diseases will grow, finally break the love stone. It’s certain.

We can blame the leave of Oliver to the lack of commitment, just like
the calf love we had in our childhood, when we were in it, we’re too
young to think about the future, and the tedious thoughts bother our
feelings of love itself.

When we lay in an enlightened environment, the pussyfooting is not
limited in the homosexual, but just like any other love, it’s a practice
of passion, intimacy and commitment. And more important is, all three
parts is necessary, otherwise lover will cry alone.

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Q: Your films are very beautiful, but you’ve
said you despise beauty. What do you mean?

A: Think of the German architect
Albert Speer, during the Nazi regime. His buildings were beautiful, but
what were they signifiers of? I am interested in the beauty that lies in
our actions. I’m thinking of the scene in which Elio is watching Oliver
dancing. We are in a dingy club. It’s not a beautiful place. Elio is a
normal-looking boy, in normal-looking clothes.

Q: But isn’t Elio beautiful?

A: He becomes beautiful. You are mistaking
youth for beauty. The transport of his desire for Oliver is so deep that
you can see beyond the physicality of the actor, beyond his age and into
the depth of the character. That’s the kind of beauty I’m interested in.


看完Call Me By Your

I can, from the distance of years now, still think I’m hearing the
voices of two young men singing these words in Neapolitan toward
daybreak, neither realizing, as they held each other and kissed again
and again on the dark lanes of old Rome, that this was the last night
they would ever make love again.

was a final bash before school and travel took us away, just a way of
putting things off and extending the party long past closing time.
Perhaps, without thinking, we had taken more than a brief vacation; we
were eloping together with return-trip tickets to separate destinations.
Perhaps it was his gift to me.”
Hammer在CNN采访时提到: “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it
belonged to each other, but had lived so far apart that we belonged to
others now.” 读着这样的句子只剩苦笑。

Me By Your
are futile devices: On Timothée Chalamet in Call Me by Your
twenty-four-year-old night clerk… stares and I stare back. His
features are a girl’s. But he looks like a girl who looks like a boy.
The girl at the American Express desk stares and I stare back. She looks
like a boy who looks like a girl and who’s therefore just a boy.”


The bookseller had ordered two copies of Stendhal’s Armance, one a
paperback edition and the other an expensive hardbound. An impulse
made me say I’d take both and to put them on my father’s bill. I then
asked his assistant for a pen, opened up the hardbound edition, and
wrote, Zwischen Immer und Nie, for you in silence, somewhere in Italy
in the mid-eighties.

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「插一段,油管子上这个饭制视频,我看了很多遍,想马克在这里:Is it a
video? [CMBYN]




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因为“you are my homecoming”.


Over the years I’d lodged him in the permanent past, my pluperfect
lover, put him on ice, stuffed him with memories and mothballs like a
hunted ornament confabulating with the ghost of all my evenings. I’d
dust him off from time to time and then put him back on the
mantelpiece. He no longer belonged to earth or to life. All I was
likely to discover at this point wasn’t just how distant were the
paths we’d taken, it was the measure of loss that was going to strike
me–a loss I didn’t mind thinking about in abstract terms but which
would hurt when stared at in the face, the way nostalgia hurts long
after we’ve stopped thinking of things we’ve lost and may never have
cared for.

My pluperfect lover.


套用伊夫林·沃的话:“If it could only be like this always – always
summer, always alone, the fruit always

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